BCI Academy

Public schools in Ethiopia provide a substandard level of education, and there is no room in the private schools.  On September 21st, 2009, we opened the doors of the BCI Academy. We built the school to accommodate orphaned children sponsored in our program and for the other children of the Debre Zeyit community. In 2017, we opened our second location. Between our two campuses, the BCI Academy now offers more than 2,000 children an exceptional education. 

Adana School

To see the school in Google Earth, please click HERE.  You will need Google Earth to open this file, which you can download from the Google website.
As a school of excellence:

  • Adana ClassroomEnglish Language – English is the principle medium of instruction in all classes.
  • Superior Curriculum – Since English will be used, there is a whole world of advanced educational curriculum available to the school.  Curriculum in Amharic is very limited.
  • Smaller Class Size – Average class size will be 27 students (public schools average 60-70 students).
  • More Teachers – Every classroom will have an Ethiopian teacher, and missionaries and interns from first-world countries will assist in the classrooms.  Based on the missionaries’ experience, they may teach the class or simply act as a teacher’s aide.  
  • Challenged to Excellence – Every staff and teacher position has an advisor/consultant assigned.  As the Ethiopian staff/teachers work together with their advisor, they will be consistently challenged to excellence in everything.


The construction of the school was completed in stages. Phase one of the construction was completed September, 2009, at which time we began enrolling students in grades 1st through 4th. The entire construction was completed in four phases, finishing in 2012.  

Phases of Construction
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