The Country: Ethiopia

Ethiopia Map
  • Capital:  Addis Ababa
  • Population:  62.1 Million
  • Currency:  Ethiopian Birr
  • Official Language:  Amharic

Located in northeast Africa, Ethiopia is a mountainous civilization, except for the desert lowlands. A saying exists in Ethiopia: “All of our waste water runs to our enemies,” due to the fact all rivers flow out of the country. The country of Ethiopia is located in Africa, just north of the equator.

It’s a land long forgotten by the modern times, with most of the country living 2,000 years behind the developed world. People still rely on wood bottom plows drawn by oxen or simply work the ground by hand. Many people still hunt and forage for their survival. The lack of development, communism and civil unrest has wreaked havoc over the past 40 years.

Poverty and destitution prevail throughout most of the country with average income of about $100 per year. The average person either grows it, makes it... or just doesn’t have it.

Only in the past decade has Ethiopia started developing a free market, but a war damaged infrastructure, drought and famine still plague the country as evidenced by the following statistics:

  Ethiopia* USA*
Illiteracy Rate 65% <1%
Life Expectancy 42 years 77 years
Infant Mortality Rate (at birth) 10.7% <1%
GNP per capita $110 $29,080
*All statistics from World Desk Reference 2000, Dorling Kindersley Publishing, INC.
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