Caring for children is our passion at Blessing the Children.  Although a third-world country like Ethiopia is full of poor and needy children, even amongst them there are varying degrees of poverty.

Video: Who will Save the Children?

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When a child loses their parents in Ethiopia and becomes orphaned, there are no government programs to help that child in any way.  There is no welfare, no foster care, no assistance or food stamps. 

The child is left alone to beg for food and has very little hope for any type of future.  These children are truly the poorest of the poor.

Please join us in caring for these children who have no oneTogether we will make a difference, one life at a time.

Photo & Video Gallery:

For a detailed list of two hundred orphaned and abandoned children identified by our ministry in Ethiopia, please see our Child Info Booklet.  This PDF

 document contains each child's photo and detailed background information.

For a photo gallery of orphans in Ethiopia, please visit our Plight of the Orphan photo gallery.  A small sampling of some of the photos are displayed to the right.  You can click the images to the right to view the entire gallery.

We also have a couple of great videos created by those who have went to Ethiopia on mission trips and seen the work first hand.

VIDEOS:  Who will Save the Children?
      Mission Trip to Ethiopia
      Mission Trip to Ethiopia - 2013

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