The Ministry

The ministry of Blessing the Children International was established to minister to children directly and in partnership with like ministries who share the same passion. Working with organizations from Central America to Africa, our mission is to minister to children in tangible ways; providing the Gospel along with ministering to their physical, mental, social and spiritual needs.

When we partner with like ministries, we offer support and services in administration, consulting, program management, graphic arts and publications. There are many worthy ministries struggling to follow the call of God on their hearts, but they operate on shoe-string budgets because God's people just don't know the work they are doing.

Through solid communications and accountable operations, Blessing the Children International offers to come along side and help them find the provision of God. If you know of any ministries to whom we may be of service, please contact us.

Our Mission

Woman feeding baby imageLives touched by the helping hands of Blessing the Children are more than changed, they are literally transformed by the grace of God. We come into covenant relationships with existing ministries that have the call to work with children. While ministering to the physical needs, we pour into the spiritual lives of these children with the word of God and sound Christian teaching that leads not only unto salvation, but into a life of servitude and spiritual growth.

To accomplish our mission, both directly and through the extensive utilization of existing projects. Our primary directive is to work through and support existing organizations and ministries whenever possible. By partnering with existing organizations that are effective and of the utmost integrity, we can combine the strengths of our organizations to produce the maximum utilization of every ministry dollar. If no existing work is in place, we will attempt to partner with an organization that is equipped to fulfill that particular need and start a new project.

Our History

Blessing the Children International was founded for the purpose of helping children; it's our reason for existing. Since organizing in 2001, we have partnered with other organizations for the furtherance of existing programs, establishing of new programs, and provided services in four principle areas:

  • Communications: Photography, Letter Writing, Creative Design, Donor Development, Printing & Publications, Literature Development
  • Consulting: Corporate Consulting, Marketing Consulting, Program Development, Database Development, Packaging & Fulfillment, Campaigns & Fundraising
  • Services: Travel Services, Meeting Facilitation, Professional Services, Administrative Services, Auditing & Accounting Services
  • Management: Inventory Managing, Mailing List Management, Sponsorship Management, Website Design & Management, Bulk Mailing & Distribution

During BCI's first few years, we focused on partnering with like-mindedSchooling children image ministries to increase their effectiveness and assist them in program development and implementation. Working with over 30 nonprofit organizations in America, Central America, and Africa - this largely composed of measuring, documenting, and communicating the results of their ministries to their donors.

For a full history and background of Blessing the Children, please visit the About Us page.

A Working Strategy

Blessing the Children has adopted the concept of working through local ministries and churches.  We believe it is the local church that is called to minister to the poor in the community.  Since the local church has little in the way of resources to do this, Blessing the Children comes along side of them to provide food, clothing, education and other assistance.  The provision may flow through Blessing the Children, but it is the local church who is the hero to the community.

Our most recent projects are:

The Adana Children Center where we are impacting an entire community through partnership with local churches to reach and minister to the poor.  We provide special programs, child sponsorship and special help for widows and orphans.

The BCI Academy where impoverished children have a chance at an excellent education (with full scholarships for the most impoverished).  Teams, interns and missionaries help teach in the school, challenging the school to excellence in a country where getting by is the status quo.

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Statement of Faith:

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