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We offer many opportunities for you to visit the ministry work in Ethiopia, Africa.Mission trip image

Whether it's a mission trip with a team, an individual stay, or an internship; we need you! It's not so much that we need you as the children need you. Working with orphaned children in a third-world country will provide you a wide range of experiences and opportunities to serve.

No special talent is required to make a significant impact on children... just a loving compassion for kids! Even so, many service opportunities exist for people that are not directly involved with children, such as construction, painting, sewing, farming, teaching, church ministry, community outreach, medical services, etc.

Mission Trips & More

If you would like to join an existing team for a mission trip, serve as a short-term missionary or lead your own team to our project in Ethiopia, then we can help. Please call or write for more information. Check out our current Mission Trips and Internships.

For a handy comparison of different opportunities on one page, visit our missions page.

Visiting Ethiopia is like stepping back in time to a culture that is nearly asChildren walking along a road image primitive as it was when Jesus walked the earth some 2,000 years ago. It is a rare opportunity to see first-hand what life was like so long ago, while ministering and touching the lives of people.

Our mission at Blessing the Children is to ensure that you and your team have a successful mission trip. Your team will work closely with our staff in Ethiopia, where you will form lasting one-on-one relationships, both socially and spiritually. As your team returns for future trips, you will be able to continue developing these relationships and see God work through you in their lives.

Bring Your Own Team

We invite you to bring your team to Ethiopia, Africa. If your team is planning a mission trip and you’re expecting ten or more, please contact us to set up your group’s trip dates - or simply fill out the Group Application and we will contact to confirm dates and help you begin planning.

By email at or by phone at 888-269-2719.

We will help you with ministry ideas and ways to raise your budget. We can handle all of the travel details to help you ensure your team has a safe, rewarding and effective mission trip. We can accommodate groups of any size from 10 to 100 or more.

Individuals & Small Groups

If you are an individual interested in serving on a mission trip, or if your group size is less than ten, please consider the joining one of our scheduled trips. Not only will you be paired with a number of other individuals/small groups, but these trips will require minimal planning on your part. You can extend your stay from a few weeks to several months. Send your application TODAY and let us know your preferred trip date!

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