Blessing the Children is pleased to offer you a variety of ways you can come to Ethiopia in person and give of yourself in ministry.  Some people are called to send, and others are called to go.  If your considering going, let us help you make your gift of service memorable for you and effective for those you are going to minister to. 
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Internship abroad is an excellent opportunity for global learning and gaining valuable career experience. Immersed in ministry, you’ll be working with the poor and disadvantaged to make a significant impact in their lives. An internship is the most effective way to change lives since you’ll be fully focused on the work of the ministry, and serving for several weeks or months gives you the time to really make a lasting difference.

For some students, the thought of serving an internship abroad seems too adventurous. Getting a visa, traveling overseas, a different culture, a foreign language – suffice it to say it can be intimidating. But those who go claim that their internship experience is the single most important, not to mention the greatest, experience of their college years.

Mission Trip 2007 - By Kathy Stoller

Serving an internship with Blessing the Children International (BCI) is the right choice if you're looking for m ore than just work experience you could get from interning in your home country. By choosing BCI, you will experience and gain insights into the culture of Ethiopia and to the global community at large. It's the type of adventure and work experience you just can't get here at home.

Blessing the Children staff will guide you through the process and ensure a safe and adventurous journey as you step out and follow your heart to serve a people less fortunate in Ethiopia, Africa.

An internship is a fantastic way to obtain important job skills and international understanding. Foreign internships really stand out on a résumé as proof that you've had a unique, worldwide learning experience that's helped shape your character. Through cross-cultural communications, language and problem solving skills, you will develop and display characteristics that employers want.

Variety of Internships

We have a variety of internship needs in Ethiopia.  Some examples are:

Teaching Internships
Social Work Internships
Ministry Internships
Medical Internships

Ministry Work – Internships provide hands-on experience in various fields according to the type of internship. We need you for internships in:
Teaching - At our school, BCI Academy (core subjects, English or sports).
Social Work - Working hand-in-hand with BCI Ethiopian social workers.
Ministry Outreach - Working in local church programs and evangelism.
Medical - Working in local clinics to help the sick.

You'll be Serving in a Community that Needs You!

Words cannot express the value you bring to a community that needs you, an impoverished community where people live on less than a dollar a day. The knowledge you bring in coming from a first-world country will benefit the nationals you work with. Many Ethiopians struggle along day by day, but you can challenge them to excellence and bring them hope for tomorrow by showing them a way to a brighter future. Your very presence is an encouragement to them; knowing you care enough to come in person and help.

Step Back in Time

Visiting Ethiopia is like stepping back in time to a culture that is nearly as primitive as it was when Jesus walked the earth some 2,000 years ago. It will be a rare opportunity to see first-hand what life was like so long ago, while ministering and touching the lives of people.

Trip Map

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Interns are scheduled for 30-40 hours per week of ministry work, with weekends off for sight seeing and relaxation. As an intern, you will attend a class in Amharic to learn the local language and help you be more effective in the community as you minister.

Housing & Food

Accommodations are a private room in a BCI Guest House. They are clean and comfortable with a modern toilet, running water and electricity. Missionaries prepare and eat meals together, family style.

Length of Internships

Standard internships are 6 weeks, 15 weeks, and 24 weeks, although we can customize your service as your schedule permits. It is preferred to start internships following major breaks according to the Ethiopian school calendar. The best start dates for internships are listed below.

Internship Standardized Start Dates
  Jan 10th
  March 4th
  May 6th
  Sept 11th
  Nov 1st
  Jan 10th
  March 4th
  Sept 11th
  Nov 1st
  Jan 10th
  Sept 11th
  Nov 1st


Internship Requirements

Students/volunteers must be mature and resourceful individuals exhibiting a commitment to ministry and community participation. Successful volunteers are those willing to step out of their comfort zone and be used where needed. It is essential that students be flexible, open-minded, and capable of adaption to new situations. A positive attitude, even in frustrating or difficult circumstances, is vital. Interns must have a strong work ethic, be self motivated, and be committed to learning and being effective.

Its our mission to ensure that you are effective in ministry during your internship. You’ll work closely with BCI staff, along with a local church in Ethiopia where you will form lasting one-on-one relationships, both socially and spiritually.

Internship Prices start at $1,950 (airfare optional)
Airfare Included
Without Airfare


Prices listed ‘Airfare Included’ are for flights departing from a major US city.

If coming from outside of the USA or if you wish to depart from an airport that is not an international airport in a major city, please contact us for a quote.

All Trip Prices Include:
  Airport Pickup in Ethiopia Meals Lodging
  Transport to Ministry Sites Insurance Guides
Airport & Exit Taxes Monthly Allowance Translators
  Project Funds Taxes Tips
  Prices don’t include spending money, passports, visas, trip insurance, vaccinations and other expenses not listed above. Refund policies are stipulated in the Team & Missionary General Policies and BCI reserves the right to make changes in refund policies, trip prices, and fees without notice.

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        From outside of the United States, call (989) 667-8850

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