Blessing the Children is pleased to offer you a variety of ways you can come to Ethiopia in person and give of yourself in ministry.  Some people are called to send, and others are called to go.  If your considering going, let us help you make your gift of service memorable for you and effective for those you are going to minister to. 
For more details about each option: Mission Trips or Internships, please click on the tabs below.

Mission Trips   Internships
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 We Need You!

Not so much that we need you... as the children need you.  Whether you are interested in joining one of our scheduled teams or want to organize your own team from your church or school, we have a wide range of ministry opportunities that will provide rewarding experiences for you as you minister to those less fortunate.

Children & Youth Ministry
Service Projects
Church Ministries
Sports Ministry
Medical / Dental Care
Prayer Ministry
Vacation Bible School
School Ministry
Ministry of Helps
Adult Ministry

God’s not looking for capable hands, He’s looking for available ones.

Mission Trip 2007 - By Kathy Stoller

No special talent is required to make a significant impact on children... just a loving compassion for kids! Even so, many service opportunities exist for people who are not directly involved with children, like; construction, painting, sewing, farming, teaching, church ministry, community outreach, medical services, etc.

If you would like to join an existing team for a mission trip, serve as a short-term missionary or lead your own team to our project in Ethiopia, then we can help. Please call or write for more information or to join a scheduled team, simply check out our current trips.

Visiting Ethiopia is like stepping back in time to a culture that is nearly as primitive as it was when Jesus walked the earth some 2,000 years ago. It will be a rare opportunity to see first-hand what life was like so long ago, while ministering and touching the lives of people.

Trip Map
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Our mission at Blessing the Children is to ensure that you and your team have a successful mission trip. Your team will work closely with a local church in Ethiopia, where you will form lasting one-on-one relationships, both socially and spiritually. As your team returns for future trips, you will be able to continue developing these relationships and see God work through you in their lives.

Bring Your Own Team

We invite you to bring your team to Ethiopia, Africa. If your team is planning a mission trip and you’re expecting ten or more, please contact us to set up your group’s trip dates - or simply fill out the Group Application and we will contact to confirm dates and help you begin planning.

By email at or by phone at 888-269-2719.

We will help you with ministry ideas and ways to raise your budget. We can handle all of the travel details to help you ensure your team has a safe, rewarding and effective mission trip. We can accommodate groups of any size from 10 to 100 or more.

Individuals & Small Groups

If you are an individual interested in serving on a mission trip, or if your group size is less than ten, please consider the joining one of our scheduled trips below.  Not only will you be paired with a number of other individuals/small groups, but these trips will require minimal planning on your part. You can extend your stay from a few weeks to several months. Send your application TODAY and let us know your preferred trip date!

Scheduled Mission Trips - Dates & Prices

2015 Scheduled Trips   2016 Scheduled Trips
Jan 11 - Jan 25 $2,945 Jan 10 - Jan 24 $2,945
Feb 8 - Feb 22 $2,945   Feb 7 - Feb 21 $2,945
Mar 8 - Mar 22 $2,945   Mar 6 - Mar 20 $2,945
Apr 12 - Apr 26 $2,945   Apr 10 - Apr 24 $2,945
May 10 - May 24 $3,395   May 8 - May 22 $3,395
Jun 7 - Jun 21 $3,395   Jun 5 - Jun 19 $3,395
Jul 12 - Jul 26 $3,395   Jul 10 - Jul 24 $3,395
Aug 9 - Aug 23 $3,395   Aug 7 - Aug 21 $3,395
Oct 11 - Oct 25 $2,995   Oct 9 - Oct 23 $2,995
Nov 1 - Nov 15 $2,995   Nov 6 - Nov 20 $2,995
Prices listed above included airfare, departing from a major US city.
If coming from outside of the USA or if you wish to depart from an airport that is not an international airport in a major city, please contact us for a quote.
All Trip Prices Include:
Airport Pickup in Ethiopia Meals Tips Lodging
  Transport to Ministry Sites Guides Taxes Translators
Airport & Exit Taxes     Project Funds
  Prices don’t include spending money, passport, visa, trip insurance, vaccinations and other expenses not listed above. Refund policies are stipulated in the Team & Missionary General Policies and BCI reserves the right to make changes in refund policies, trip prices, and fees without notice.

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  Please email us at
  Or, call us toll free at 888-269-2719.
        From outside of the United States, call (989) 667-8850

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