Ethiopia in the News:

Coffee: The Ethiopian Gift To The World – by Daily Ethiopia
Ethiopia Opens its Doors Slowly – by The New York Times
Images of Ethiopia Slide Show – by The New York Times
Where the Dinner Table is an Alter of Thanks – by The New York Times

Blessing the Children in the News:

BCI Blog - Visit our blog for the latest news updated weekly on Wordpress

Wikipedia Article about Blessing the Children - BCI published on Wikipedia, Nov 2009
RNS: BCI Academy Opens in Ethiopia - at RNS News, Oct 2009
BCI Academy Opens in Ethiopia - Oct 2009
Hope on the Horizon - for 600 Orphaned Children - Feb 2008
Kamashi Orphanage & School Saves 141 Children - Nov 2006
Government Gives Away Orphanage & School Compound - Jan 2006

BCI Post (monthly newsletters):

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Photos & Videos:

"Plight of the Orphan" - a photo album.
Team and Missionary Photos - a photo album.
"Who will Save the Children" - a great video.
    For very high quality, view the Windows Media Player version.
Mission Trip 2007 - video by a team member.
Missionary 2006 #1 - a video by a missionary.
Missionary 2006 #2 - another video by a missionary.
Missionary 2006 #3 - yet a third video by a missionary.

Some additional great videos: 

Mission Trips & Missionaries:

Mission Trip Flyer - an invitation and list of upcoming trips with prices.
Call for Missionaries - missionaries needed.
Missions Booklet - a comprehensive overview of a mission trip.
Pocket Guide - a printable pocket guide for trip to Debre Zeyit, Ethiopia.
Application (PDF) - a printable application to fill out and mail.
Application (Word) - to fill out online and email or print when completed.
Group Application - for signing up your team to come on a mission trip.
Ethiopian Visa Application - for applying for a visa prior to departure.
Testimony - a team member gives her testimony after her trip.
Team and Missionary General Policies - BCI team members & missionaries expectations.
Short-term, Long-term and Career Missionaries - how our missionary program works.
Missionary Family Plan - a special plan for missionary families serving two or more months.
Mission Trip Payment Policy - mission trip payment due dates, discounts, and late fees.

Adana Children Center:

Project Brochure - an eight page description of the Adana Children Center work in Ethiopia.
Child Listing - a child information booklet of the children being cared for.
Full Project Detail - a detailed project proposal (very in-depth).
BCI Academy Progress - a month-by-month report of the progress and opening of the BCI Academy
Video Walk Through - a concept walk through of the new center under construction.
Google Earth Site - a Google Earth location showing the center.
Fund Raising for Teams - a brochure for teams to raise support for construction.
Fund Raising for individuals and Churches - a brochure for individuals and churches.
Events Calendar- a calendar showing school dates as well as events.

Child Sponsorship:

Tri-fold Brochure - sharing the need and how to sponsor a child.
Technology Gifts Policy - how to send a technology gift to a sponsor child.

Here are some child sponsorships amounts you may select if using PayPal to sponsor a child:

Child's name (optional)

Child's name (optional)

Child's name (optional)

Child's name (optional)


Ethiopian Christmas:

Ethiopian Christmas (PDF) - details on how an Ethiopian Christmas is celebrated.

Legal Papers:

BCI 501(c)(3) Exemption Letter - Letter of Determination.
BCI 501(c)(3) Continuance Letter - Nonprofit status continuance Letter.
Pub-78 - an online government website for checking nonprofit status.
BCI 990 2013 - Most recently filed IRS Form 990.

Statement of Faith:

Statement - BCI's Statement of Faith

Donation by Credit Card:

Online - Donations can be made by credit card online through PayPal.
By Mail - Authorization Form to fax or mail credit card information.

BCI Logo Artwork:

BCI Logo High - BCI Logo in high resolution.
BCI Logo No Shadow - BCI logo with no shadow (shading).



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