It's no Life for a Child

Hungry and destitute, the needy children are many.  It's hard to imagine how these precious children can live in such poverty until you've seen it in person.  These are real children dying from hunger and disease, struggling with needs as basic as food, shelter, clothing, medical care, and education.

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Like every human being, they need an opportunity to feel loved and cared for.  Children live in garbage dumps and walk barefoot as they forage for food among the rubbish in city dumps. They look for something to eat or that might be of some value. Other children live in small, impoverished communities and do not even have the opportunity to forage for food, but simply go hungry.

Their stories vary, but their faces are the same. They are the faces of precious children with no hope of escaping the fate that awaits them. They are unable to rise above their circumstances, trapped by a lack of education or skill. They only know one life, and without a helping hand, these children are destined to repeat the cycle of poverty in which they are being raised.

Photo Gallery available here: "Plight of the Orphan".

At Blessing the Children International, we know how important a single person can be. After all, it took only one trip to a third world country for our founder, Keith Strawn, to know in his heart what needed to be done. Imagine if Keith had decided not to take a stand against hunger that day. Now imagine what might happen if you decide not to take a stand against hunger today.

Children behind fence imageChange a Child's Life

By sponsoring an orphaned child, you will know the joy of making a difference for a boy or girl living in poverty. Your own life will also change: you will understand the needs of the world in a personal way. You will learn what's possible when people share their blessings. Thousands of orphans and widows are waiting for someone to reach out to them with help and hope.

It Changes Your Life

Working with children in a third world country will change your life. You will gain new perspectives that will permeate your everyday thinking. As you touch the lives of some of the most impoverished people in the world, and give of yourself to those who could never repay you, you will experience one of the best feelings in life, and be building treasure in heaven. 

Perhaps you are the right person for a mission trip to our ministry work in Ethiopia, Africa?  If so, we invite you with arms open wide.  If you cannot come personally, would you consider sending someone or sending support? 

Their lives can be changed.  We can make a difference.  Won't you join us?

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