Debre Zeyit Meserete Kristos Church (MKC)

Greetings from the Chairman

Chemir Mengistu Dear friends in Christ,
It is my great joy to work with you in serving the poor of our community. Together we can do great things in the kingdom. We appreciate your prayers and support as we reach out to the lost in Ethiopia.

-Chemir Mengistu

Church Info

Outreach Stations

Average Attendance:
2000 People

Mailing Address:

Email Address:

Phone Number:
+251 (1) 33 97 44
  • Town of Chefe Donsa
    • 38km northeast of Debre Zeyit.
    • 142 members, 1 evangelist, 2 missionaries
  • Town of Dekum
    • 10km north of Debre Zeyit
    • small factory and trade area
    • 269 members, 2 evangelists
  • Town of Dalota Gote
    • 15km east from Debre Zeyit
    • farming area
    • 58 members, 1 evangelist
  • Town of Dire
    • 13km west of Debre Zeyit
    • 13 members, 1 evangelist
  • Southern Debre Zeyit (Kebele 10)
    • 105 members, 2 evangelists

Our Vision

  1. To reach the people in and around Debre Zeyit through delivering the word of God, readying them for the fulfillment of their great commission and for the expansion of the Kingdom of God.

  2. To plant at least one outreach station in an unreached area every year.

  3. To nurture the children of God through preaching, teaching, and training.

  4. To serve the people of God according to their ages, spiritual level, and spiritual gifts.

  5. To serve the community through holistic ministry such as care for HIV patients, children aid programs, and other development programs in town.

History of the Debre Zeyit Meserete Kristos Church

Ethiopian Meserete Kristos Church was founded 60 years ago by Mennonite missionaries who came from America, and when the communist government ruled Ethiopia the church became indigenous.

Debre Zeyit MKC was then established in 1988 by two family members who came from Addis Ababa, the capital city of Ethiopia.

Church Leadership

The church is lead by a leaders committee. There are 5 male and 2 female members. They were elected by the Congregation because of their spiritual maturity and gifts. They serve for 2-4 years.

Chemir Mengistu Ayele Ararsa Mengistu Mekurie
chemir_mengistu ayele_ararsa  mengistu_mekurie 
He is a born-again Christian, married, and has two children.

At present he is the chairperson of the leaders committee. Their vision is to build more outreach stations through preaching the gospel.

In the near future, if God permits, the church seeks to have more children of God. BCI is of great help to their people in assisting the needy ones.
He was born in West Shoa Ambo Town in 1968. He received Jesus Christ as his savior in 1988.

He has been an evangelist of the MKC for the last 5 years. He is married and has one son.

He is a student of Bible College in Kale Kiwot.
He accepted Jesus in Wolliata Sodo Southern Ethiopia in 1991. He is one of the founders of the Wolliata MKC and worked there as an elder for more than 8 years, and as a chairperson for 4. He worked in the executive committee of MKC for 2 years and as a delegate of the Debre Zeyit MKC.

He is married and a father of six.

He is a graduate from Sodo Kale Hiwot with a diploma in advanced theology. He works in leadership, preaching, and teaching the word of God. He has big ambitions, as well as a calling, to serve the Lord.
Mesfin Abebe Soloman Kassa  Tiruwork Getaneh
mesfin_abebe  solomon_kassa  tiruwork_getaneh 
He was born in 1968 in the town of Debrezeit. He's married and has 2 children.

He was born again through Jesus Christ in 1987. He studied the bible in church and was baptized in 1991.

He has been in the ministerial area for the last 21 years. He is involved in small group nurturing, prayer groups, teaching, the pastoral committee, and the home to home visiting committee. He is currently an elder at the Debrezeit MKC.
He became a born-again Christian in 1984. He is currently married.

He serves at Debrezeit MKC through preaching and teaching. He is also an elder.
She was born in 1966 and is now married with one child.

She accepted Jesus Christ as her personal savior at Debrezeit MKC. She is currently involved in Deacons and women's ministry.

Now she is serving as an elder.
Tolessa Dirirsa Yared Tsegaye   
tolessa_dirirsa  yared_tsegaye   
He was born again through Jesus in 1990. He has been in the Pastoral Committee, Prayer Committee, and Evangelistic Committee.

At present he is an elder and the chairperson of five committees at the church.
He was born in Debrezeit Town in 1977. He has been the second evangelist in Debrezeit MKC for the past 9 years.

He received a degree in theology from Shilho Bible College in Ethiopia. He is involved in the ministry of teaching, preaching, coordinate pastorals office, and youth ministry. In addition he is teaching at the Shilho Bible College in the Amharic department.
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