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My name is Temesgen, and I'm 11 years old


TemesgenI live in Ethiopia, Africa. Since my mom and dad died last year, I have no family left to take care of me. There are 4.6 million orphans like me in Ethiopia. That's one out of every ten kids living in my country!

I work wherever and whenever I can so people will give me something to eat, and sleep wherever someone lets me. It's especially hard when it doesn't rain much, because even the kindest people don't want to give me any food when there is not even enough for their own children.

I want to go to school like some other kids do, but I don't have money for books and tuition even if I could. Since so many people in Ethiopia don't go to school, only about half the dads can read and write, and even fewer moms.

I think that I am lucky to be alive because out of every 10 children born in the huts around my village, 2 die before they reach the age of 5. I have lost many friends to things like diarrhea, malnutrition, colds, and even something called AIDS. There are 315 people dying every day from this AIDS alone. That makes a lot of fatherless and homeless orphans.

HutYou may be thinking, "Wow, that is so many orphans. What difference could I make?"

You could make a real difference to me, or to another one just like me! Won't you please consider sponsoring just one of us? Our lives will never be the same with your help.

You can provide a loving home and solid education for orphaned children like Temesgen. We began working in Debre Zeyit in January 2008, in response to pleas from local churches. These churches were attempting to reach out to the poor in their communities, but with their congregations made up of people living themselves on less than a dollar a day, they don’t have the resources to help.

Sponsoring a child provides them a home with a loving family and a solid education.

Personal Care

As children are accepted, they are placed in loving homes with plenty to eat, a warm bed and a clean environment along with nurturing care from loving parents who attend to their physical, spiritual, and emotional needs. Each family considers it their ministry to love and care for the children as their own. While fun things are planned to provide diversion, they are rounded out with daily chores, Bible reading, and devotions.

EducationChristian Education

Each sponsored child receives a quality education. They attend private schools where available and all have personal tutors available as needed, providing academic excellence while instilling Christian principles and values.

Trained & Challenged

It’s our goal to produce the best educated young adults, and to send them forth with purpose and a challenge to make a difference in their country.

Teachers and staff pour themselves into these previously hopeless lives, pointing them to Jesus, the children are transformed into dedicated, hope-filled, contributing members of society – fully equipped to fulfill their God-given destiny.

Child Sponsorship

Less than a dollar a day – just $30 per month – will make the difference between life and death for an orphaned or abandoned child, providing food and clothing.

When you sponsor child, we will send you a photo of your child along with their personal information. Plus, you will get to know your child more personally as you receive letters written by your child along with progress reports and updates.

Some sponsors prefer to be a child’s only sponsor by supporting them with $90/month – the actual cost to fully care for every aspect of raising a child in Ethiopia.

At Blessing the Children, we're committed to helping kids; a ministry we take very seriously. Adana means ‘rescue’ in Amharic, the national language of Ethiopia. Many orphaned children who have lost their parents, have no one to care for them. Their situation becomes hopeless and their chance of survival slim. Through sponsorship provided by someone like you, together we can rescue these children.

We are working in Debre Zeyit (population 130,000), Ethiopia, just 45 minutes from Addis Ababa (which is the nation’s capital).

Blessing the Children International partners with local churches in Ethiopia to assist in identifying orphaned children in need.

Though our principle work is in Ethiopia, our headquarters are located in the United States. Donations for the project are receipted in the United States and wired directly to the project in Ethiopia where they are used for their designated purpose.

Blessing the Children International is incorporated in the state of Michigan, as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation. All gifts are fully tax deductible as allowed by law.

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