Christmas Giving Guide

This Christmas season, there are three ways to help children in need in Ethiopia, Africa. 

Gift Matching Opportunity

Help us take advantage of the time-limited opportunity to match each donated outfit with a pair of shoes. For $40 USD, give the gift of a new outfit and shoes to your child or any urgent needs child. Give by 12/31/19.

Support a Community Christmas

For just $12 USD, you can purchase a meal ticket for a family to enjoy a warm Christmas meal and ministry. Our goal is to invite 150 families. Give by 12/24/19.

Meet a Ministry Need

Help us improve the effectiveness of the ministry by meeting one or more of our current needs from our Christmas "Wish List."

1. Gift Matching Opportunity

Donate an Outfit - We'll add a Pair of Shoes 

We have been granted a wonderful opportunity to increase the impact of your holiday giving by matching the donation of an outfit for any child with a pair of shoes. This is a 1-to-1 match, meaning that for every outfit donated, a pair of shoes will be added. You may provide for your child(ren) or for an urgent needs child, selected by our social workers. The cost of one complete outfit is $40 USD.

2. A Community Christmas

Part of our mission is to give "hope to the hopeless." This Christmas, it is our desire to fill the bellies and spirits of our children and their families with a warm meal and ministry. You can help us send a family to our Community Christmas dinner for just $12 USD. Our goal is to invite 150 families to the dinner.

Ministry Wish List

It's both humbling and encouraging to see how much impact can be made in small ways. We strive for excellence and pray we can meet these needs to help improve the daily life of our ministry family.

Cafeteria Utensils

$ 25 

Our spirited cooks in the school cafeteria would be grateful for some new industrial oven mitts and cooking implements to keep them safe and efficient in the kitchen.

Tools of the Trade

$ 50 

Our new employee, Fikeru, is a master at saving the ministry money with his metal work and building skills. He could do wonders with some humble tools in his hands.

Sports Equip.

$ 40 

The children have space to run but very little in the way of activities. If you’ve ever played sports, you know the value of a ball or jump rope in the hands of a child.

Urgent Medical

$ 60 

In the first 6 weeks of the school year alone, our nurse treated 80 students. The nurse’s office is short on pain relievers, first aid and other critical supplies.

Complete Bed

$ 180

Getting a child off the dirt floor and into a bed with a frame, mattress, pillow and blanket is one of the simplest ways to dramatically improve their quality of life.

Grain Support

$ 30 

Even within poverty there are varying degrees of need, and some of our children would benefit from additional food resources to help them maintain a healthy weight.

Cafeteria Tables

$ 80

As we continue to be blessed with more students at our two school campuses, the need for cafeteria tables grows. We still have children eating outside and on the ground and with 10 more tables we could seat all.

Urgent Need

$ Any Amount

Help us ensure that we can always meet the urgent needs of the children as they arise; anything from school transportation to a critical medical intervention.

Bless my Child

As always, you may add "extra blessings" for your child, and your child's social worker will select urgent needs items.

Bless my Child

$ 25

Bless my Child

$ 50

Bless my Child

$ 75

Bless my Child

$ 100
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