Christmas Giving Guide

This Christmas season, there are four ways to help children in need in Ethiopia, Africa. 

Provide Hunger Relief

Help us meet the need for emergency food support for families in hunger crisis. Enhance the children's diets by adding protein to their school meals. Upgrade Christmas dinner.

Bless a Child

Provide a backpack stuffed with blessings for a child. Give a custom gift in any amount and the child's social worker will shop for specific needs.

Protect the Children's Vision

Take advantage of a gift-matching opportunity to protect the vision of two or more children.

Meet an Urgent Ministry Need

Give a gift to be used where needed most, or "do the most good."

1. Provide Hunger Relief

Friends, we face a sobering reality. There are families in our program going to bed hungry. Between the astronomical inflation, devaluation of Ethiopian currency, lingering affects of the pandemic and ongoing unemployment, we have never been so burdened to meet the basic needs of our children and their families. This Christmas, we pray for relief to the hunger crisis facing Ethiopia and our precious families. 

Emergency Hunger Relief

While our sponsored children receive meals at school and grain support at home, these benefits do not extend to their families. This means there are parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and siblings in the home who are regularly missing meals. Every gift of $30 USD will allow us to feed an entire family for a month. Funds will be directed to families who are suffering from acute hunger.

Enhanced School Meals

Simply put, meals with protein have more staying power. We can fill bellies more completely by adding protein to the school meals. The children will feel full longer and reap the health benefits that only protein can provide. The cost to add protein to the meal of every child under sponsorship care is just $40 USD per day. Our goal is to add protein twice weekly ($1,920 USD total) for the next semester.

Christmas Feast

Christmas is celebrated on January 7th in Ethiopia, and two of the most cherished traditions are attending church service and sharing a meal. In fact, this is the extent of the celebration for most of our families. This year, many of our families won’t have the means to create a special meal. To preserve this sacred tradition, you can add meat to a family’s Christmas meal. $12 USD will upgrade Christmas dinner for one family.

2. Bless a Child

Packed with Blessings

This year, we’re stuffing backpacks full of gifts that are practical and very much needed. We’re covering many bases to meet each child’s needs. Backpacks will include undergarments, toiletries and extra school supplies. The backpack itself is part of the gift and will help the child transport their books safely to and from school. And, we will be sure to include some holiday sweets! The cost for a fully stuffed backpack is $45 USD.

Custom Gift for Your Child

Provide a financial gift in any amount to be used where needed most for your sponsored child. Your child’s social worker will choose a gift that meets a need and will put a smile on your child’s face. This may include clothing, shoes, food support, academic supplies, household items, or any other necessities that will improve your child’s life.

Our social workers know the children best and will know how to make the most of your gift to bless your child. You can also designate part or all of your gift to be placed in your child’s secure savings account, which will be turned over to your child upon reaching age 18.

Vision Preservation Project

Hana's Story

This sweet girl is Hana Seyfu. Hana’s mother passed away suddenly last year and her father abandoned her. Now, she is struggling socially and academically due to an eye condition called amblyopia. We recently took Hana to a professional eye clinic in Addis Ababa, and for just $25 were able to provide her with a comprehensive eye exam and medical advice.

Treatment at this time is simple and involves wearing glasses. Treatment for amblyopia is time-sensitive. If Hana’s condition is not treated urgently, she will lose eyesight permanently.

The optometrist encouraged us to bring Hana’s twin in for an evaluation. We feel compelled to make access to this eye clinic available to all of our children. Imagine $25 being the difference between saving a child’s vision!

Gift Matching Opportunity

God works through our ministry family and His timing has made it possible for us to offer gift matching to extend the reach of our Vision Preservation Project. Gifts received by January 31st, 2022 will be matched, up to a total of $2,000 USD.

The cost-per-child for a comprehensive eye exam and round-trip transportation to the capital city of Addis Ababa is $25 USD. As a result of gift-matching, each gift of $25 USD will allow two children to receive this opportunity.

Preserve the Children's Vision

Stories from the Field


Elshadai’s eye was damaged by a pebble tossed on the playground


Tizita needed corrective lessons to improve her vision for university


Abi was born with congenital eye issues, including amblyopia

4. Meet an Urgent Ministry Need

Where Needed Most

$ Any Amount

Contribute any amount to support an urgent ministry need. Funds may be used for any number of urgent causes, such as food, medical care, shoes, clothing, shelter, or other critical ministry needs. 

"Do the Most Good"

$ 152 USD

One of every item:
*Hunger Emergency Fund for 1 family
*Enhanced School Meals for 1 day
*Christmas Feast for 1 family
*Packed with Blessings for 1 child
*Vision Care for 2 children

“Christmas is love in action. Every time we love, every time we give, it’s Christmas.” - Dale Evans Rogers

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