Urgent Needs

With 200 children in our care and more than 2,000 students between our two campuses of the BCI Academy as well as multiple buildings to maintain, there is never a shortage of ministry needs.  

Pair of Shoes
$ 35

A pair of sturdy shoes to protect a child's feet.

Complete Outfit
$ 55

A clean outfit that fits well and gives a child confidence.

Hygiene Products
$ 20

Body wash and laundry soap to keep a child clean.

School Backpack
$ 20

Backpack to help a child carry books to and from school.

Grain Support
$ 30

A month of extra grain support for an undernourished child.

Year of Vitamins 
$ 90

A one-year supply of daily vitamins to improve a child's health.

Clean Bedding
$ 65

Blanket and pillow to give a child a clean place to rest.

Laptop for University
$ 600

Laptop to help with studies.

$ 20

Month of fares to help a child who lives far from school.

Income for Life
$ 60

Supplies to help a widow earn her own income.

Dental Care
$ 45

Dental products and checkups to create healthy smiles.

Monthly Rent
$ 30

Rent support to keep a family in their home.

School Supplies
$ 20

Paper and pencils to help a child succeed in school.

Special Needs
$ 60

Supplies to support a child with special needs.

Complete Bed
$ 310

A comfortable place to rest, complete with bedding.

School Tuition
$ 270

Year of tuition to attend the BCI Academy.

Medical Supplies
$ 50

First aid products for use by the school nurse.

Urgent Medical
$ 100

Transport, doctor's visits, labwork, and more.

School Repairs
$ 300

Repairs to keep the BCI Academy clean and safe.

University Support
$ 50

Expenses for a student attending university.

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