Maximize your Experience

You're making an investment of time and resources in the life of a child. There are simple ways to maximize this investment to ensure the best possible experience for yourself and your sponsored child.

10 Do's and Don'ts of Child Sponsorship

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  • MAKE PROMISES - It can be tempting to want to promise the world to your child, but it’s important to remember that it’s not always possible to fulfill promises.
  • HESITATE TO LET YOUR CHILD KNOW HOW THEY CAN PRAY FOR YOU - The children feel empowered by being able to give back to their sponsors whom they love so much.
  • WORRY ABOUT THE AMOUNT YOU CAN GIVE NOT BEING ENOUGH - A little goes a long way in a third world country.
  • HESITATE TO ASK THE MINISTRY FOR AN UPDATE ON YOUR CHILD - We are in constant contact with our social workers on the ground in Ethiopia, and are happy to check in on your child. Just ask!
  • FORGET TO PRAY FOR YOUR CHILD - The power of prayer makes a difference.


  • WRITE TO YOUR CHILD AND SEND PICTURES OF FAMILY AND PETS - The children crave connection with their sponsors and are thrilled to receive letters and pictures in the mail.
  • ENCOURAGE YOUR CHILD - They look up to you as a role model and parental figure and your encouragement goes a long way.
  • KEEP THE CONTENT OF YOUR LETTERS AGE APPROPRIATE - It’s important to be sensitive to economic and cultural differences.
  • REMEMBER YOUR CHILD FOR BIRTHDAYS AND HOLIDAYS - You can send a card or letter, send a financial gift for your child’s social worker to use to purchase a gift on your behalf, or mail a package directly to Ethiopia.
  • VISIT YOUR CHILD - If your circumstances allow, your child would be thrilled for you to visit them in their home.

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