COVID-19 Relief 

Send pandemic relief to Ethiopian orphans:

Emergency Food Provisions

40 of our families are in acute crisis as a result of the pandemic. Join forces with us to save a family from hunger. Learn More

Virtual Education

Ethiopian schools are closed. You can meet the critical need of access to virtual education. Learn More

Urgent Medical Supplies

Ethiopian orphans are one of the world's most vulnerable populations. You can make access to touchless thermometers and masks a reality. Learn More

Emergency Food Provisions

Feed an Ethiopian Family in Crisis

Our children will continue to receive food support from their sponsorship funds, but their families will go hungry without intervention from BCI. There is no government aid available and there are many mouths to feed. $90 USD will support one family for 2 months.

Virtual Education

Schools in Ethiopia are shuttered as a result of the pandemic. Due to the intense vulnerability of our children, a disruption in their education is devastating. We must do what we can. We need to provide each family with a tablet to facilitate virtual learning. You can help!

Urgent Medical Supplies

We have identified two critical medical needs to help us protect vulnerable children from COVID-19.

Touchless Thermometers

$ 100 

We need 6 forehead thermometers to screen children and staff for fever.

Face Masks

$ 200 

Fabric is needed to create no-sew masks for the children.

Help My Child

Meet urgent needs for your sponsored child.

Help my Child

$ 25

Help my Child

$ 50

Help my Child

$ Custom

Faces of the Crisis

Below are the faces of the children identified by our social workers as having the most critical needs during the pandemic crisis. 

Merga - Age 5

My mother abandoned me when I was a baby. A kind old woman rescued me from the streets. I love her as a mother. Now she is hungry because there is no work.

Derartu - Age 4

My father abandoned me and I cry a lot because I want to have delicious food like other children. I pray every day that God will give me some food, because I love Him.

Daremyelesh - Age 6

I have a twin sister. My father abandoned us before I was born. I have grown up with chronic stomach pain and malnutrition. 

What the Children are Saying

“My grandmother, young sister and cousin are completely dependent on me. Sometimes I cry at night about our situation. We are just waiting for God’s miracle in our home.”

"My mother is getting sick with stress and doesn’t sleep at night because she is worrying about what to do for the future. I am sleeping the whole day because I am becoming more depressed."

"We would have nothing to eat if BCI didn't give us food. Everyone in our home is worrying about the future."

Throughout this crisis, we strive to be led by faith and not by fear. We serve a God of hope!

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