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If you would like additional information about our ministry or if you would like to get involved, please feel free to contact us anytime! Our office hours are Mon-Fri 8:00AM-4:00PM Eastern Standard Time except holidays.

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Blessing The Children International
2267 Fraser Road
Kawkawlin, MI 48631-9145
Blessing the Children
P.O. Box 1410
Debre Zeit, East Shoa
Telephone: (989) 667-8850
Toll Free: (888) 269-2719

Our Mission

Touch the lives of orphans, widows and those in distress.  The lives of those we touch are more than changed, they are literally transformed by the grace of God. While ministering to the physical needs, we also pour into the spiritual lives of children with the Word of God and sound Christian teaching that leads not only unto salvation, but into a life of servitude and spiritual growth.


Letters of Recommendation

Here are some letters of reference from those who know us and our work.

Southwest Baptist University - Christian University (Bolivar, Missouri).

Ministry of Education - Ethiopian Government Agency.

Ethiopian Call Ministry - Local Ethiopian Ministry.

EthioDutch - International business operating locally in Ethiopia.

Ethiopian Steel - Business operating locally in Ethiopia.


Our History

Blessing the Children International was founded for the purpose of helping children; it's our reason for existing. Since organizing in 2001, we have partnered with other organizations for the furtherance of existing programs, establishment of new programs, and provision of services.

During BCI's first few years, we focused on partnering with like-minded ministries to increase their effectiveness and assist them in program development and implementation. Working with over 30 nonprofit organizations in North America, Central America, and Africa, this largely consisted of measuring, documenting, and communicating the results of their ministries to their donors.

Year 2001: BCI joins a partner ministry in El Salvador, to improve donor communications through regular mailings and publishing a monthly newsletter.

Year 2002: BCI began managing a missionary sponsorship program for a partner ministry in Ethiopia, Africa, and developed a report collection system to keep sponsors informed of their missionary's progress. We also worked with the ministry in publications and a monthly newsletter.

Year 2003: BCI invited to help a partner ministry develop a plan for sponsoring and planting 1,000 new churches in the Benishangul-Gumuz Region of Ethiopia, Africa. Previously, only seven churches existed in the entire region of almost a million people.

Year 2004: BCI launches the Ethiopian Call Ministry through a partner ministry, planting 1,000 new churches in the remote villages of Ethiopia, over the next two years. BCI fully managed all aspects of the program; missionary deployment, tracking, and data collection for communications to more than 1,500 donors. The one thousandth church was planted September 15th, 2006.

Year 2005: BCI launched the Kamashi Orphanage & School in a remote area of Benishangul Gumuz, Ethiopia, at the president's request. The Kamashi Orphanage (500-bed facility built by the government) was provided free of charge and we received out first 38 children. The first team visits the Kamashi Orphanage & School, and BCI begins hosting mission trips.

Year 2006: BCI receives 70 new orphaned children into the Kamashi Orphanage, bringing our total to 140. BCI launches a short-term missionary program, whereby volunteers from America and abroad are able to serve, and we receive our first two short-term missionaries.

Year 2007: BCI announces plans to start a ministry in the Debre Zeyit area of Ethiopia. The ministry will place orphans and impoverished children into loving homes (foster care) rather than an orphanage. 

Year 2008: BCI launches the program in Debre Zeyit, Ethiopia, whereby over hundreds of orphaned children will be rescued and provided wholesome families to care for them as their own children. BCI consolidates its ministries in Ethiopia to the work in Debre Zeyit, ceasing the work in Kamashi. In November, BCI breaks ground for the construction of a school named "BCI Academy".

Year 2009: BCI completes phase-one construction of the BCI Academy, opening grades one through four on September 21st, 2009.  BCI was featured in an article on Wikipedia.  In December, Blessing the Children announces the establishment of Canadian offices, incorporated as a charitable corporation.

Year 2010: Blessing the Children - Canada Inc. began operations and support of ministry projects in Ethiopia. 

Year 2011: Completion of BCI Academy's Phase II construction.

Year 2012: Completion of the BCI Academy's last phase of construction. Enrollment soars to capacity with 299 students in grades nursery through grade 8.

Year 2013: Opened the BCI Academy KG with 70 students, in addition to the BCI Academy Library boasting of over 3,000 books.  Enrollment rose to over 300 students.  Sponsorship program grew by 19%, to 182 supported orphans and impoverished children.

Year 2014: School enrollment has increased to 382 students at the BCI Academy, and 207 orphaned & impoverished children being cared for in our child sponsorship program.  We are continuing with our feeding programs and launching some income generating projects.

Year 2015: BCI was ranked #1 by the Ethiopian government as an NGO, based on an evaluation of four areas of our organization: financials and reporting, administrative cost, meeting objectives, and use of resources.

Year 2016: BCI broke ground on a new addition to the BCI Academy. Enrollment at the school surpassed 450 students.

Year 2017: Acquired Bethlehem School. Combined enrollment at Bethlehem School and the BCI Academy reached 1,982 students.

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